Hit the Road

After being restrained to your home for the majority of the last 3 month, we are all itching to travel...somewhere...anywhere. By far, the safest way to travel now - to avoid contact with others - is by car. It's time for a good old fashioned summer road trip.

Now, I am going to stray from my typical frugal image just a bit. Since you aren't spending money on airfare, I think it's okay to spend a bit more on a hotel to ensure your safety during this period. Most mid-range to luxury properties have implemented strict cleaning policies, so I would flock to those for your stay. It may be difficult to find a property of this nature in certain parts of the country, but with a bit of research, I believe you'll be able to find a hotel you'll feel comfortable staying in.

There are many destinations in the United States, Canada and Mexico that are absolutely beautiful and worth visiting. Sometimes, LGBTQ people tend to flock to Europe or Asia for their swanky summer getaways, but this year will be different. Why risk getting on a plane, where some people are wearing masks while others aren't? Why put yourself and your love ones at risk when you can jump in a car ?

Here are some links to destinations that are LGBTQ-friendly, great for a summer road trip and perfect for the budget-conscious traveler:




Columbus, Ohio

Oklahoma City

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